Haskey and John Loves Julie Live and Unplugged

TUESDAY 2 FEBRUARY from 7:30 pm

On Tuesday the 2nd of February, the Overseas will open especially for a very special event: artists from the local singer/songwriter scene will spirit you away from the daily grind and into a world of soft sounds, bewitching you with intelligent lyrics and their own compositions.

In his English-language lyrics, the singer / songwriter Haskey reflects both empathetically and pointedly on the quintessential humanness found in between the every day and the collective search for self, surprising the audience with his command of the language, his playfulness with words and his tongue in cheek attitude.

The music of John Loves Julie is best described as an acoustic pop canvas painted with a rich palette of colours. There are traces of blues in the vocals and jazz in the chords and phrasing, soulful longing in the lyrics and sunny pop sweetness in the choruses.

As usual, we expect a multicultural and multilingual crowd and will end the evening with good drinks and great talks.

Doors open at 7:30 pm and the show will begin at 8 on the dot. Pretty pretty please make sure that you are on time, so that the evening isn’t unnecessarily disrupted by latecomers.

Advance tickets cost 6€ and are available at the bar in the Overseas, as well as from the artists themselves. There is a limited number of tickets. Tickets on the door cost 8€. Members of the Overseas get a one-euro discount.

You can find more information about the artists here:

You can follow the event on Facebook here.

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