Language Courses

Learn to SPEAK English, Spanish, French or German in Cologne’s first language bar. The only way to learn a language is to speak it! Give our original course concept a try and come and chat with our native speakers.

We offer the following language classes:

English Conversation, B1-B2* (intermediate) Wednesday & Friday at 7:30 pm
English Conversation, C1-C2* (advanced) Wednesday & Friday at 8:30 pm
French A1-A2* (beginners) Friday at 7:30 pm
French Conversation, B1-C2* Friday at 8:30 pm
German A1-A2* (beginners) Thursday at 7:30 pm
German Conversation, B1-B2* Thursday at 8:30 pm
Spanish A2* (advanced beginners) Thursday at 8:30 pm
Spanish B1-B2* (intermediate) Thursday at 7:30 pm

 *For a more detailled explanation of the different levels, see CEF Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

Open courses: The groups are not set in stone, you can choose which course you attend. This way you are more flexible and are constantly meeting new people that share your interest in learning languages.

Native speakers: Your language trainers are native speakers from all over the world, which means that you don’t just learn the right intonation but rather authentic spoken English, Spanish, French and German. You’ll also pick up real idioms and slang phrases as a matter of course.

Individual support: Our language classes are held in small groups. This ensures individual support and more active participation in the classes.

Focus on conversation: We want to help you learn to speak. That’s why our focus is on conversation rather than on learning grammar rules and vocabulary parrot-fashion.

Relaxed atmosphere: Among the greatest obstacles to second language learning are nervousness and fear of making mistakes. The more relaxed you are, the more confident you feel and the easier it is to learn a new language. Our course rooms are more like living rooms than school classrooms, so you feel more like you are having a chat with mates and less like you are at work.

Language-learning and social networks: Learning doesn’t just take place in the classrooms, but also in our bar, where you can usually find an international crowd. You can meet new friends, people from all over the world and some interesting characters here and test your new language skills over an after work beer. We also offer a diverse programme of leisure activities and cultural events.

Curious? Then come by and take part in a free trial lesson. See you soon!