Every month we organise a number of events. Some of them are cultural, some of them are musical, some of them are sporty… all of them are a good laugh! A lot of them take place here in the bar, but we also like to take you on trips to other places.

Photo of Martin von Ehrenfeld

Martin von Ehrenfeld ‘The End of Coolness (Vol. 1)’

Some events are just for members, some are open to everyone. Short story soirees, games nights and concerts are regularly part of the event programme, other things such as dart tournaments, comedy fashion shows and jam sessions happen spontaneously. You never really know what to expect. Sometimes the place is bursting at the seams and sometimes it is very quiet, but it is always worth popping in.


If you want to find out more about our events, you can have a look at our current event programme or visit us on facebook. Or just come down to the Club and ask!

Overseas Events August 2019