International Tabletop Day

SATURDAY 11 APRIL 12 – 8 pm

All over the world, board game and card game fans meet on International Tabletop Day to celebrate something that has been bringing people together for decades. We will provide some games, but everyone can and should bring some games themselves to show the other players… and to play of course! All of the small and large tables of the Overseas are at your disposal, but of course you are also more than welcome to use the floor. Whether you come for the whole time or just pop in for an hour or two, everyone is welcome! Come and play with us!

Short Story Soiree


For those of you who haven’t yet had the pleasure, our short story soiree is a very relaxed low-key night where people get together and read interesting stories or poems that they have written or found. There is no competition or evaluation, just some people sharing ideas and stories with one another. Care to join us? Come and read us a story! Or just come and listen.