Pub Quiz

SATURDAY 3 JUNE at 8:30 pm

Our crazy, sexy and supercool quizmaster is back with more disturbing and provocative questions.
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Midweek Mumbles – English Language Meetup


An English language meetup every Thursday: a chance to have a cool drink and a comfortable chat in English. Everyone is welcome. Just come along and get chatting!

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Games Night

SATURDAY 20 MAY from 8:15 pm

If you haven’t been to one of our games nights, no need to fear, the concept is very simple. Just show up and play some games with some people. You can bring your own people and your own games if you like, if not, there will be enough people and games here to go around.

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German Language Meetup

FRIDAY 19 MAY 7:15-9 pm


Two hours of German. No English. No cheating. Kind native speakers will help with corrections and explanations.

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