Craft Bierology 101 – Craft Beer Introduction and Tasting


Craft Bierology 101 is a crash course in all things craft beer. Sign up to enlighten both your taste buds and your brains! Discover what craft beer is, learn about different beer styles and try eight delicious beers. We will introduce you to a totally new world of flavour.

If you want to be one of the lucky eight to take part in this crash course, come and get your tickets at the Overseas. Members can buy tickets at 30 euros per person, guests can buy tickets at 35 euros each.

(The beers on the event picture are for demonstrative purposes only – if you want to know what beers we will be tasting, buy a ticket!)

You can follow the event on Facebook here.

Midweek Mumbles – English Language Meet-up


A new English language meet-up every Wednesday: a chance to have a cool drink and a comfortable chat in English. Everyone is welcome. Just come along and get chatting!

You can follow the event on Facebook here.

Games Night

SATURDAY 15 AUGUST from 8 pm

If you haven’t been to one of our games nights, no need to fear, the concept is very simple. Just show up and play some games with some people. You can bring your own people and your own games if you like, if not, there will be enough people and games here to go around.

You can follow the event here on Facebook.

German Language Meetup

FRIDAY 14 AUGUST at 7 pm

Two hours of German. No English. No cheating. Kind native speakers will help with corrections and explanations.

You can follow the event on Facebook here.